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About Us

Bessy Berman

I am a jeweler, wood artist, photographer and sometimes painter. I call myself a metalsmith as I work in many metals, primarily sterling.   With the current rise in price of metals I am using more copper these days instead of sterling. I also do gold vermeil which gold plated over sterling. I send this work out to be done and choose to  use is 24 K gold. 18n and 14 are also available. I also use a process called married metals which solders sterling copper and brass together. My work is almost always textured although at times stamped and I think of it as having a painterly quality which comes from my painting background.

One of a kind and handmade

Each of my pieces is a work of art and one of a kind although there are some designs that i do repeat but being hand made are never exactly the same. i will occasionally do a piece that is cast but never do multiple cast pieces.

My jewelry has been called fresh, trendy and edgy!

Fine Metals

Each piece is made with either copper, brass, 

sterling silver or gold vermeil.